President's Message

Dear Members,

It is known to all that the Bengal Rowing Club is one of the most iconic social clubs in Kolkata and I always felt immensely proud and privileged to be its member and at the moment I feel deeply honored and thrilled for having been elected as the President of the Club. I heartily thank you all for your unconditional support.

The Club has at all times been my second home and I have always thought for its betterment and amelioration and I promise to make all plausible efforts to keep up the confidence and faith of the honourable members of the Club which they have on me. I hereby undertake to keep up the Club’s image, reputation, tradition and heritage high at all times and also pledge to take all necessary measures to improve our services wherever and whenever necessary.

During my regime as the President, I would always welcome feedbacks, inputs and suggestions, for the development of the Club in any required area, from our respectable members and the Governing Body who have always supported the Club in every possible way.

Without the cooperation and support of our respectable members and the Governing Body, it would be extremely difficult for me to proceed efficiently; hence I request you all to extend your hands of cooperation and let us together build a more Healthier, Convivial, Fun-filled and an extra-spirited Bengal Rowing Club.

A big “Thank You” to all of you once again for all the love and support you bestowed upon me. Hope to spend an exciting and a fun-filled year ahead with all of you.

Yours Truly,

Manish Rungta